pain in pinky fingerThe pain in pinky finger is caused by nerve pain due to the inflammation of the finger joints. The nerve pain generates from inflammation in other joints for example elbow. The symptom of elbow nerve pain is related to pinky finger. It is traced from elbow down to the forearm and to the pinky finger.  The resultant inflammation developed in the elbow and finger needs to be treated as well. The treatment is an all-encompassing package of medications, exercises, ice heat and rest.

1: Evaluate, if the pain in pinky finger is due to inflammation of elbow. If the doctors confirms, then take some rest and rest the fingers for couple of days. Avoid any extra tedious work from the fingers.

2: In a bowl of cold water, put some ice and place the afflicted fingers in for some twenty minutes. If the elbow is causing pinky finger pain, get some ice pack or hand towel. Take the ice pack and strap it around the effected elbow. Ensure that ice is compressed against the pain. Let the ice remain there for half an hour. Repeat the procedure for four hours throughout the day. To remove the inflammation, continue the initial ice therapy. The pain will subside sooner or later.

3: Take some warm water in a large big bowl. Put the afflicted finger in the bowl for twenty minutes. Use the heating pad on the elbow for twenty minutes. Repeat the mentioned procedure twice or thrice daily. The nerve pain will subside sooner or later.

4: After the swelling and inflammation has been reduced, conduct some exercises on the elbow and pinky finger. Extend the fingers and slowly bend them in a way that tips of the finger touch upper palm of hand. Stay in that position for half a minute. Do ten repetitions.  Put the hands on a flat surface and beginning with the pinky little finger, keep the palm flat and raise four fingers one by one. Do ten such repetitions for half a minute.

5: Hold the arm straight out in front of you and bend the wrist and point fingers downward. Take the other hand and pull back the fingers and keep the elbows straight. Hold this position for half a minute. Relax for a while. Repeat this exercise twice a day.

6: If the pinky finger is paining due to the elbow, then it is necessary to rectify the elbow symptoms. The elbow should be treated with ibuprofen and ice. Ice is instrumental in helping lessen the swelling and inflammation. The blood flow is restricted. Heat is promoted to stimulate blood flow to the elbow and finger. Tension in the nerves will be released by stretching.

7: Don’t try rehabilitation exercises for that matter prior to reduction of swelling and inflammation. This only adds fuel to the fire.

8: The hands are responsible for most of the work. Thus, pinky finger pain is commonplace, but exactly serious condition either.

The most commonly observed pain in pinky finger is because of Guyon’s canal. The ulnar nerve passes through this location. This canal shouldn’t be narrowed as the ulnar nerve is then damaged. This results in diagnosing Guyon’s canal syndrome.

There are a variety of reasons pertaining to developing pain in pinky finger, otherwise known as Guyon’s canal syndrome. It can be the pisiform or hamate bones, which experiences fracture. Due to smaller tumors, narrowing of the canals and hindrance of the nerve can occur.

The pain in pinky finger is also recurrent due to arthritis is wrist bones. Pressurizing the wrists can result in pinky finger pain.

Symptoms of Guyon’s canal syndrome

There are certain signs of Guyon’s canal syndrome. It can feel like needles plucking the skin simultaneously. This feeling resonates in middle finger and pinky finger. When the symptoms are ignored, then burning and severe sensations are felt in the wrist. The ring finger and pinky finger can feel numb. As the condition becomes severe, controlling the hand muscles becomes tough. Spreading the hands and experiencing the wrist pain is also observed.

There are certain remedies for pain in pinky fingers such as not being able to do activities such as bending the arm for a prolonged period of time. While using computer or laptop, ensure that desk is not too low from the chair.

With pain in pinky finger, don’t lean on elbow and don’t pressurize the arm. While sleeping at night, ensure that elbows are stretched out straight. Take a towel and wrap it in a backward position.

If the symptoms linger on, then take a visit to the general physician. The patient is tested by tapping on the funny bone. Also, the patient is asked to bend the elbow. If the ulnar nerve slides out normally, then it’s fine. Pain in pinky finger can be cured.