Index finger joint painIndex finger joint pain and swelling occur due to the build up of liquid in the softer tissues around the joints. The joint swelling occurs with joint pain. The swelling can cause joint to become larger and shaped abnormally. The joint swelling can also cause stiffness and pain consequentially. Subsequent to the injury, the joint can swell and it can create wear and tear in muscle tendons. There are many forms of arthritis, which can cause redness, swelling and warm joints. The joints infection can cause fever, pain and swelling. The common causes of swelling in joints are mentioned below:


Majority of the people suffer from the inexplicable index finger joint pain. There are many causes of the pain. The common reason behind the index finger joint pain is aging as well as arthritis.

Arthritis is the inflammatory disease which can yield stiffness, joints deformation and swelling. The rheumatoid arthritis is actually an autoimmune disease, which poses a threat to the cells which are instrumental in lubricating the human body joints. Osteoarthritis is another form of arthritis which can cause pain in finger joints.

The doctors have been unable to target the location of rheumatoid arthritis in hands and fingers. It is such a common disorder which affects majority of the American belonging from many ethnicities. It has been connected to hormone levels, genetics and environmental factors.

The impact of index finger joint pain is tremendous as it affects the daily activities. The finger joints are used for gripping objects and picking up items. The everyday routine is greatly perturbed by problem in the index finger joint pain. An individual is unable to use a fork, knife and spoon for eating.

The post traumatic arthritis is quite same as osteoarthritis. It occurs due to injury, which results in loss of cartilage near the joints. It pains and loss of movements is the consequences. Arthritis is also caused by gout and psoriasis.

Treatment For Index Finger Joint Pain


The afflicted individual has to undergo various exercises to increase flexibility in the fingers and hands. The pained joints should be rested. A splint has to be placed on the index finger to alleviate the pressure rising during flare ups.

There are many treatments for curing the index finger joint pain. It can be eased without medication. The individual can start walking with middle finger and pointer. It adds flexibility and strength to the finger. The gripping motion will be eased up. Playing a piano will also help ease the fingers.

Consider Diet As A Treatment Option

Changing the diet can also relieve the index finger joint pain. Keeping away from foods is not advisable which don’t cause inflammation. There are foods which lower inflammation. Such foods are omega 3 fatty acids, flax oil and vitamin D. It is found in fish.

If the diet and lightweight exercise doesn’t work for the afflicted individual, then medical intervention is needed. The doctor will have to conduct some tests and checkups in order to ensure that no serious damage is involved.

The physical therapist will have to design a routine for solving the problem. There are pharmaceutical medicines available which can cure sever form of arthritis. There are common over the counter medicines available too.

There are special devices which apart from medicines can help alleviate the joint index finger pain. The medical store and internet is a veritable mine of information which can offer great help. Don’t strain the fingers with heavy household items. Buy some pans, pots, dishes and lightweight cups.

If the rheumatoid arthritis is present in the center of the finger then ice can help ease the pain. The heat dilates the blood vessels and increases flow of oxygen in the blood. Ice is handy in lessening the pain and swelling for the time being. But ice constricts the blood vessels. Alternate between the two reliefs.

Tennis and golf can aggravate the joint pain in index finger. The sports can aggravate the pain. Tennis and golf involves the gripping of clubs and racquet tightly and after the game ends, pain is visible in the fingers. One can’t indulge in the sporting activities while pain exists in the fingers. It means that tendon is roughed up. In other words, it has been pulled off. It doesn’t heal on its own. The doctors help is needed in this case.

The index finger joint pain is difficult to tolerate and deal with. Obviously, the people take the benefits of their hands for granted. If the pain is sudden, then it can be due to sports injury. If it develops due to other forms of pain, then arthritis is the culprit.

There are many types of treatments available.

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