Fingers are the parts of human body that play an important role in the execution of most of the tasks of human body. If there is a pain finger joint painin finger joint due to any reason, the life of an individual becomes miserable and he or she becomes a handicap. So, proper care of the fingers must be taken in order to lead to a healthy and comfortable life.

Pain can occur in the fingers due to multiple reasons. As our fingers are composed of multiple tissues including skin,tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, so any one of these structures if affected can lead to pain in fingers. Moreover, pain in fingers can be acute as well as chronic. Here I would like to discuss few common causes of hurt in finger joint that may make life of an individual miserable:

  • Trauma – trauma of any type causes acute pain in finger joint (or combo joint). Trauma can include soft tissue injuries like abrasions, lacerations,bruises, contusions etc. All these conditions are characterized by severe pain, bleeding (may not be present in bruises), tearing of the skin and underlying soft tissue. Usually first aid treatment to control bleeding and use of analgesia cater for these types of injuries. Tendons and ligaments are important components of our fingers.
  • Trauma to these structures causes severe pain in
    fingers. Sports injuries especially during volley ball or basket ball commonly injuries the tendons and ligaments of the fingers. Another type of trauma causing painful fingers is the fracture of the bones (phalanges) of the fingers. It is characterized by severe pain, swelling and deformity of the fingers. Dislocation injuries of the finger joints are also very common causing severe pain in fingers. These are usually managed by either immobilization or by surgical techniques. Analgesia is
    an important part of management.
  • Inflammatory conditions – numerous inflammatory
    conditions of the finger joint lead to pain and disability in the long run. Few of these conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, gout,
    osteoarthritis, infectious arthritis and many arthritides associated with systemic diseases. Inflammatory conditions of the soft     tissues like tendonitis, Tenosynovitis and bursitis also result in severe pain in fingers leading to malfunctioning of the hand Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune condition in which antibodies are formed against the joints within the body causing destruction of the joints leading to early morning pain and stiffness of finger joints especially. It commonly occurs in women as compared to men. Gout is a metabolic condition typically characterized by pain, swelling and redness in the
    big toe, however, it may also present as pain, redness and swelling in fingers.
  • It commonly occurs in men as compared to women. Osteoarthritis is usually a disease of elderly. It occurs due to continuous wear and tear of the joints. It may involve both the large and small joints. The incidence of osteoarthritis increases manifold in post menopausal women. The main triggering factor is decreased estrogen levels in the body. The most common cause for the infectious arthritis is the bacteria. It results in pain and swelling of the joints and must be managed with broad spectrum antibiotics.

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